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Newsletter :: January 2009

January, 2009 saw Nick Townsend, Technical Applications Engineer from RDS Technologies, England arrive in Australia to conduct a workshop with company and distributor personnel learning the latest technology on offer with the newly released “Loadmaster PSI series” on board scales.

As well as the new “Loadmaster PSI”, Nick was able to also introduce the new RDS “Liftlog 100” and “Lift Alert” which are specifically designed for Forklift trucks. Simple to fit, these new instruments will no doubt be very useful in improving the efficiency and safety in warehousing and at the loading docks around Australia.

Globally a market leader, RDS Loadmaster is the scale of choice by many construction equipment manufacturers and with the latest technologies being implemented; RDS has released the “Loadmaster PSI series” to give the customer fast accurate and simple to use weighing solutions.

In Australia, RDS was the first “Trade approved” loader scale with the Loadmaster 9000 and again is the first with integrated SD card data capture. This enables the end user to easily transfer data from PC to loader and vice versa, without the need to purchase add-on technology. Using a simple CSV format, the user can import/export data through their existing business software without the need to purchase any expensive supporting software.
Many operators are now using this feature to support their sales and production activities, therefore improving their businesses overall efficiency.

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Above: RDS Australia Staff Training Workshop [Click image to enlarge]

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