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RDS CERES 8000i Yield Monitor is a multi-function monitor and variable rate controller which can be configured for a variety of different applications.

Yield Monitor Sprayer Module
Yield Monitoring & Mapping .
See and map your yield as you harvest! Using the latest 'state of the art' optical sensing technology, the Ceres 8000i yield module displays the dry/wet harvested weight, 'on the go' yield, area, 'live' moisture content, track log (if used with DGPS) and a host of other useful data.
Using the RDS " Apollo" variable rate sprayer module.

Can be used to automatically change application rates according to a pre-determined treatment plan. Available for all conventional boomsprays.
Spreader Module Soil Mapping
Using the RDS "Apollo" variable rate control module.

Available for popular makes of moving belt spreaders
Paddock Sampling:
Using the RDS "Apollo" soil sampling & mapping module.
This module allows the Ceres to be used for enclosed area calculations, gridding and guidance to sampling points.
Pro-Series 8000

ProSeries 8000

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InfoThe CERES 8000i is used for yield mapping, soil sampling and variable rate treatment for sprayers, spreaders and airseeders.
Brochure See Ceres 8000i Data Sheet

PriceContact RDS Australia for price and availabilty. An onsite installation service is also available.


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