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The RDS Speed-Distance 200 Meter is a versatile simple to use, two channel instrument displaying forward speed and total distance covered.

The displayed information can be converted from Metric to Imperial units at any time. It also includes a programmable forward speed alarm - an internal audible alarm in tandem with an external alarm output.
A second external alarm output is triggered if the programmed maximum speed is exceeded for more than a pre-programmed period. Depending on the installation, the alarm output can trigger an audible/visible alarm, or retard the vehicle (e.g. operating a fuel restricting solenoid valve).

While the forward speed is greater than the alarm speed, the instrument also logs the distance travelled over 4 Overspeed Ranges:-

  • up to 5% over max. speed
  • 5% to 20% over max. speed
  • 20% to 50% over max. speed
  • 50% or more over max. speed

The system comprises :

  • The Head Unit.
  • A Forward Speed Sensor kit.
  • An automatic Cutout Switch to prevent distance accumulation, e.g. when the vehicle is out of work
  • A power supply kit.
  • A Radar Speed Sensor is an option to the standard (magnetic) Forward
    Speed Sensor
Speed and Distance 200
Speed Distance 200
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InfoSPEED & DISTANCE 200 is a great tool for forklift operators.
PriceContact RDS Australia for price and availabilty. An onsite installation service is also available.

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